Our Story


The legacy

  • Cafe Noir sets you in a typical bistro ambiance that characterizes every great french city.
  • with its heartfelt hospitality and the quality of its traditional cuisine, cafe noir has attained a loyal customer base.
  • The ambiance, flavourful dishes, and wine here make an ideal setting for conversations, stories, and bonding.
  • Highly rated on review sites, blogs & other social media platforms.

Cafe Noir

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  • Our Signature dishes reflect authentic global flavours – Grilled Salmon Fillet, Quiche Lorraine, Eclairs, Millefeuille, Creme Brulee
  • Our wine & dine experience offers a handpicked collection of wines from across the globe perfectly paired with the finest quality of red meat and white meat.
  • A spectacular sit-down dining experience awaits every Saturday. with the likes of Lesley performing live and serenading you all night long., at our event Rendezvous

Traditional Menu

  • Our brand strongly thrives on the Authenticity of its french flavors
  • Seasonal menus as per the weather or any upcoming/ ongoing festivals are always designed & integrated in order to capitalize on the specialties served globally during these periods
  • Our Seasonal Festive special menu includes – a Thanksgiving menu, French Gastronomy, Christmas Menu, Celebration of Epiphany with our special Galette Cake
  • Weekly specials to keep the keep customers engaged throughout the week like – Chicken Cardon, Vegetarian Moroccan Couscous, Grilled Sea Bass, etc